Company Profile

Representative Daisuke Sugiyama, President
Contact TEL +81(3)3814-0285
FAX +81(3)3815-3045
Capital Stock 30 million Yen
Founded January 11th ,1932
Qualification Sales license of advanced medical equipment
General sales license of poison and deleterious substance
Annual sales 933 million Yen (February 2012)
Employees 20 people
Main customers National Institute of Infectious Diseases
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Clinical Laboratory Companies
Hospitals (Clinical laboratories)
School of Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences , Agriculture and Engineering Department in Universities
Health center and Institutes of Health
Laboratory and Quality Control Department in Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Laboratory and Quality Control Department in Food Manufacturers
Laboratory in Chemical Manufacturers
International Courier Companies
Agencies of Water Quality Inspection
Environmental Measurement Laboratories and others